4 oz Natural Salves for Various Uses - Black Drawing Salve, Sleep, Muscles


***We do special orders - please contact us for more details***

Each salve comes in a 4 oz container, and is made with combinations of naturally infused oils and essential oils. We make infuse our own oils and work with 100% natural essential oil. We will be adding a line of infused oils for those who wish to make their own salves, topicals, or massage oils.

Our customers have used our salves, and special orders salves, for many of the following:

Muscle Aches
Bee Stings

We do have cayenne based salves - please be aware cayenne can irritate some users skin. If you purchase a cayenne based salve and find it is an irritation, please notify us and we will refund your money, or send you a replacement salve.

Many of our salves can be converted to lotions, topical roll-ons, or massage oils. If you are unsure what type of salve would work best for you - please either contact us, or select All Purpose and add a note as to intended use. We'll work with you to find the perfect salve.

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